april Tour details

Below is a breakdown of the our schedule from Apr 4th - Apr 18th 2019 tour. This is going to be a life changing experience truly, we hope you can join us!

4th Apr - Arrive in Japan, we collect you from the airport and head to the hotel for a group dinner

5th Apr - Tour of the STF Tuning Workshop to meet the coaches and cars you will be driving

6th Apr - Upgarage tour and Mountain Drive

7th Apr - Yaminashi Sportsland Drift Day

8th Apr - Drive to Suzuka

9th Apr - Suzuka Sportsland Drift Day

10th Apr - Local Workshop Tour

11th Apr - Mikawa Drift Day

12th Apr - Tours around Mikawa

13th Apr - Meihan Drift Day

14th Apr - Yokohama Big Bang Karts

15th Apr - Mt Hakone Drive

16th Apr - Bee R and Moon Eyes tour

17th Apr - Tomei Tour and leaving BBQ

18th Apr - Heading Home

*Some dates and times may change or shift around, that is part of scheduling out a 2 week event months in advance and dealing with reality as it comes while we are there.

**Tour is capped at 10 people, this is to ensure maximum drive time and overall experience for each person going!

What You Get & Price!

This is an all inclusive trip- meaning flights, accommodations, food, transportation to and from tracks, full drift-ready cars along with fuel and tyres and professional drivers and instructors there to teach you!

Standard Pricing is $10,000 per person, however, thanks to our partners Drift Challenge Australia and Keeley Motorsports we are offering early bird pricing for this tour at $9,500 per person if booked before the 15th of March 2019


Tour is limited to 10 spots, please contact us for group bookings.


Below you can see some footage from our previous attendees and their experience/improvement from the tour.


Q: Will there be coaching supplied?

A: Yes we will have 4 coaches on hand including Luke Fink…

Q: How many cars will you have available?

A: We will have 5 available.

Q: Are we actually driving on the Touge roads?

A: Yes we are going to drive on the touge mountains, however, you are choosing to drive at your own risk and we take no responsibility for any damage or trouble you may cause. We do not condone breaking road rules.

Q: How much track time will I get?

A: We aim for 7 to 8 hours of drifting on each track day and as we only take small groups you should see around 3-4 hours track time per track day.

Q: What happens if I crash the car?

A: In the event of a crash that causes repairable damage, we only charge for parts that require replacing, however, if the accident is not your fault there will be no charge. Reckless driving will not be tolerated and ignoring coaching warnings or instructions will not be tolerated either.